Princess Tutu E-mail Addresses

Hello!  This is where you can get Princess Tutu e-mail boxes, featuring some of the main characters of the series Princess Tutu.  Click down below in any of the e-mail addresses you're interested in.  The e-mails are also decorated with color and a logo corresponding to the character(s).  *grin* 
If you can, send me an e-mail (blank is OK) at the webmaster account for the e-mail box you pick so I know you signed up (you'll get a welcome message that hopefully has the info on it, if not just add a "webmaster" to the user portion of your chosen e-mail address).
(By the by, the background was created by me except for the source of the image, which was from

Here's a preview of the login pages of each of these.
Screens of the Login pages for the e-mails
Plus, you can see what the mailbox colors are for the e-mails by clicking on these:

Hope you like them!

A link to ZapZone:

If you're interested in other e-mail boxes, you can take a look at these:

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