A Choose-Your-Own-Dialogue Pokemon story


Well, this is the index page of my fanfiction.  I started it sometime in 1998 or 1999, and I finished it on January 20, 2003 on 11:14 pm.  Since everything about the story you'll see on the first page, I'll leave that up to there.
I started this fanfiction before when I liked Pokemon (I don't really like it as much now).  This is my first official fanfiction I finished that wasn't for school, and it's also one where you click on links to read different parts of it, so that's why it's in this specific format. *grin* I hope that you like it, and if you have questions or comments, to e-mail me at tomoyo-chan@videocaptortomoyo.com.  My site is VideocaptorTomoyo[dot]com, and my weblog is Monorail of Thought.
And if you are in the middle of reading it, and need to go, then remember the number of the pokeball you're on, and you can get right back to it by typing the number and dot htm. *grin*
If you feel like going back on a link to see what the other ones lead to, go ahead.  You're not really cheating. *grin*
That's about it!  Go ahead and start!

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