Nodono Kazukami
Kazukami, Nodono (kanji)

Nodono attends a different elementary school when they first meet him, but he then goes to the same middle school and class.  Nodono's last name means "peace peak", and his first name "no" is of "nobiru" meaning either "postponed" or "growing".  The dono has multiple connotations: -dono, a suffix, is an ancient term added to a name for respect.  It can also mean something like "every one" or "which one".  'Tono', in the word "tono-sama" which can be altered to make "dono", is the word for a feudal lord, or a grand superior.  Either way, his actual name of that has no kanji, so it can be interpreted however.  His Chinese name has the same kanji, only with "da" meaning "great" in front of it: Dashen, or Da Shen. His Chinese last name is Lin, which means "forest" in Chinese and has the same kanji as "hayashi" in Japanese ("bayashi" is a variant of the same pronounciation on Takiru's family name).

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