Blurbs and Plans

Here's a part of the storyline page which is the most messiest.  If you think you're up to it, sift through these notes to find little bits about where this is all going.  Note: This also may contain spoilers! (They ARE labeled beforehand in the title of the subsection, so just be warned to look for that)  And unfortunately, the super-major spoilers will have to be kept secret for the story's case.  *grin*  Not really any of those yet though.

*General spoilers*  Episode summies, paragraph long
Let's see....1st episode, Sakura goes and does a movie scene shooting w/ Tomoyo, a special effect happens to get seen by another girl. Luckily, she's magic, and she apparently knows about Sakura & her cards, and seems to be ecstatic about the fact that she's finally met the Clow Card mistress & the Daidouji Toy Company president's daughter. How does she know all of this?? Hmm....

2nd episode, Takiru visits Sakura's house when Tomoyo's also over for a visit (Takiru and Sakura exchanged addresses the ep. before) and they learn more about Takiru's magic and the "Takiru Cards". They are also introduced to Chiko, Takiru's creation which is in the role of a beast-form guardian, like Kero & Suppi are.  When they look for snacks as refreshments, Sakura finds Kero has eaten them all....but then, Takiru decides to solve the problem by making another Takiru Card? After that, the ep. follows Takiru home & we learn her parents are usually not home until later.
That night, something strange happens at Penguin Park....Sakura senses it while she's in bed. Kero wakes up too. What could that strange magic aura be? Sakura dashes downstairs and Touya & her father are still up, they ask where she's going, replies there's something strange out there that she sensed (her family knows about magic now, right?). There's a phone call all of a sudden, Touya picks it up, it's Tomoyo. She apologizes for calling so late, Sakura immediately excuses it, and then Tomoyo says she thought she heard something strange, like a kind of roar, from the Penguin Park. Sakura replies she felt something too, so they gather everyone else and head on over there to see what's up. Keroberos, Yue, and Tomoyo & Sakura meet @ the slide, and they scan for a bit to see what. They hear a rustle in the bushes, serious tense on-guard, and it comes out, it's as small as a cat. Sweatdrop from Sakura. "It's just a cat..." Tomoyo says "That isn't a cat..." Sakura looks closer, it has very long ears, it's white with gold, teal, and red streaks, and it looks very upset.

more later