Takiru Card (Fanfiction) Season
by Tomoyo Ichijouji

This is my special draft page for this fan season.  The reason why it's called a season is because I arranged the chapters into kind of episode divisions, even if the exact time of the episodes may not be exactly 20 minutes or anything.  I'm not going to try too hard to limit myself with that, since it'll just make it hard to write. *grin* 'Sides, if I really wanted to do that, I could do it later in the editing process.
This will also be a place of random sketches and doodles of the subject, and summaries and plans, besides the actual fanfiction and polished fanart.  I set this page up also because I was having a hard time getting it up on my CCS/general site VideocaptorTomoyo.com.  You know, since it's been years (yes, you read right and I typed right: years) since I thought up the first ideas, so I thought it was high time I put up something.
Yeah.  My description's kind of flabby, but I suppose it's fine to start with.  Anyway I might as well get on with the actual things.  As always, with continuation fanfics, there will be some spoilers to the second movie, and probably other key points in the series as well.
And another thing: please don't use any of the stuff on here without my permission first; you know, common sense with other people's stuff.  I did the layout by myself as well, with some help from Hypergurl.com for the coding of the layout.  So don't steal the layout either (learning the coding for it is all right, though, I got it from somewhere else anyway).


Takiru: Wind & Water (draft) This is the original sketch for the layout you see right now.  (This is Takiru, by the way, one of my main original characters.) The head's kind of too big/long, and the eyes don't look right (they're not angled from the side view).  I fixed it on the computer - yes, with no tablet, with the mouse.
Takiru: Wind & Water (fix) Now this looks familiar.  It has the fixes I stated in the original image description above.  It doesn't look like it was edited on the computer, does it?  Yes, when she's not wearing the school uniform, she does like to wear her overalls, and I believe it's her usual outfit for magic outings (you know, the ones where Sakura would wear Tomoyo's battle outfits).  By the way, she usually wears glasses, but in this picture she's not.
Table of Takiru Cards This one's kind of a collection of most of the Takiru cards on a fringed table.  I slanted them to match the perspectives and angles somewhat.  (It might not have all of the cards, and they might not look exactly the same as what I have now.)
Azako in battle outfit This is a drawing & simple coloring of another important original character, Azako.  (Azako will be Takiru's human form guardian a little later in the story.)  She's in her 'battle' outfit in this one.
Azako, ready to fight! Here's another drawing of Azako in her battle outfit, which I believe I did before the above one.  (I recently cleaned it up and did shading.)  Her face looks a little different, and the drawing's kind of squiggly, but I think the shading turned out well, and the color & lines in general look good together.  Azako also has her mallet here (her weapon, like Yue has his crystals and bow-and-arrows, and Ruby Moon has her/his red crystals and laser beams).
Maluuki, school uniform Here's Maluuki, a minor original character who's from America.  I did this one a while ago, so a couple things about the way I'm drawing her has changed (but little things).  Her body's kind of small (or her head's kind of big) and her hair's longer than it really is.  But, I think I did the coloring good, especially the eyes.  By the way, the uniform I did not make up; even though it's not the Tomoeda Elementary uniform, it's the uniform they used for Sakura's middle school on the last pages of the manga.
Sakura with the big Staff Finally, a picture of an indigenous CCS character!  I also did this quite a while ago, around the time I did the two Azako images.  The uniform Sakura's wearing I completely made up myself; and I think I drew it well in this drawing, too. (I like the way the wind blows on it! Oooh! The shading is a little awkward though.)  The staff she's holding isn't created by me; it's the big one you see in the last episodes of the Sakura Card season (or the 11th volume of the manga) when Yue & Kero power up her staff.
A Satoshi smile Here's another minor original character.  What's interesting about how I created Satoshi is techincally, I didn't do his character design (but my original thoughts of him were something similar).  He was in the actual CCS series.  The answer to the riddle?  He was an extra that I kept on seeing throughout the series that was in Sakura's classes.  Of course, that meant I made up his name and most of his personality, so techincally he's still an original character.  He's just one that was already in the series, if you know what I mean.  *grin*
Takiru & Chiko - an old drawing Here's Takiru again, in the middle school uniform with Chiko on her shoulder.  I drew this way at the beginning, when I first made her and Chiko up (it was so long ago I hadn't thought up her glasses yet!), so it's not really that great.  Her face is way too flat, her hair needs work (if you noticed, I changed it a good bit later on) and again the head:body ratio is a bit messed up.  I redrew this picture later on and it turned out a lot better.  I like how Chiko looks in the picture, though.
Takiru, pushing up her glasses bemusedly An animated fanart!  It's kind of framey, but all drawn by hand, animation of Takiru pushing up her glasses in a bemused kind of way.  It's not colored, but it still took some time to put together.  Especially since I drew these on the same sheet without a border guideline!  She's also wearing her traditional overalls outfit, plus you can compare the hairstyle to the one above and you'll see some noticeable differences.
Tomoyo in summer school uniform Another indigenous CCS character!  Yay!  There's nothing special about this picture; it's just simply colored (no shading or highlights) and it's basically a sketch of Tomoyo looking happy (closed-eyes style!) in the Tomoeda Elementary summer school uniform.
Takiru's & Azako's weapons There aren't any people featured here; just Takiru's boomerang and Azako's mallet. (Unusual weapons, eh?) I'm not sure if Takiru's boomerang will have sparkles like that, but I guess if I'm thinking as if it were cel art, it wouldn't in far shots, but in slow zoom-ins it might. *grin* Either way, I just put them in there because they looked nice and so it wouldn't look so plain.
Takiru & Chiko - new version This is the redrawing of Takiru and Chiko in the picture above.  Here it's done much better; the shading is good and the lines are clean, the proportions are better, and her hair is fixed up and isn't quite as wacky as it was in the old one.  Even Chiko still looks pretty good.  I also colored this very recently, even if I drew it a couple months before I colored it.

The Takiru Cards

These are one of the things I've spend most time thinking on; the cards that Takiru has.  Each of them has a distinct, thought-out (how well, I would need other opinions) personality that I've been working on and pondering for quite a long time.  I'll have special pages for them soon, in the meanwhile I'll have them here as thumbnails (and of course, they are subject to editing and redos, so if you find some differences time to time, don't be too surprised. (Also I might not update the thumbnails for small changes.)  I've put them in order of what I'm planning (emphasize 'planning') to have them appear in, or the order in which they are created in the story.  Oh yeah, the stuff on the right side isn't there actually; it's just a computer version of an artist's signature (also to prevent people from stealing them!).

The Dazzle Card  The Guard Card  The Candy Card  The Clamor Card  The Scribe Card  The Vanish Card  The Compass Card  The Cure Card  The Envy Card  The Joy Card  The Sorrow Card  The Hope Card (Takiru's.)  The Rage Card  The Fear Card  A Takiru Card (back)

The Characters

This is where the descriptions of each of the original characters (and what the heck, maybe I'll put the indigenous CCS characters' profiles on here too later) are going to be.  For now it's a bulleted list, and some may have a picture of them and the kanji of their name.  It's in the order that I'm planning (it's still rough, so it may and likely change) to have them appear in the story.  The rest is self-explanatory.  (Oh, and this doesn't include cards.)
  • Sakura Kinomoto
  • Tomoyo Daidouji
  • Kero/Keroberos
  • Yukito Tsukishiro/Yue
  • Touya Kinomoto
  • Fujitaka Kinomoto
  • Naoko Yanagisawa
  • Takashi Yamazaki
  • Chiharu Mihara
  • Rika Sasaki
  • Kaho Mizuki
  • Eriol Hiiragizawa
  • Suppi/Spinel Sun
  • Nakuru Akizuki/Ruby Moon
  • Nadeshiko Kinomoto
  • Sonomi Daidouji
  • Masaki Amamiya (Sakura's grandpa)
    Elementary School Sensei
  • Yoshiyuki Terada (primary sensei)
  • Makiko Midori (Japanese sensei)
  • Yukie Kimura (cheerleading sensei)
  • Mika Tsutsumi (arithmetic sensei)
  • Shouko Tsujitani (music sensei)
  • Toshinobu Yamamoto (art sensei)
The Story

Here's the place where I'm going to have the actual storyline & fics.  Not only the full written out ones will be here, but just plans and blurbs and rough drafts as well.  This place is especially unstable; I might change things without notice.  Hey, this is a special-plan site, right?  However, feedback is still appreciated.